Skunk Medicine

Skunk is there to remind us how to give respect, expect respect and demand respect in our lives. To help us recognize our own qualities and to assert them.

Skunk is self-assured and confident while at the same time being fearless and very peaceful.

Skunk teaches us to learn balance. Skunk is primarily a solitary being and reminds us that there are times that are best for drawing people close to us and times best to avoid others. Finding the correct balance is what can ensure prosperity.

Skunk sometimes shows up to help us deal with people in our lives who are outrageously irritating.

Skunk smell is one that almost everyone can recognize. It may awaken in others a greater recognition of you and your abilities.

People will respond to the fragrances you employ. A study of aromatherapy would be beneficial for those with skunk totem, to learn a greater ability to attract the people you desire in your life.

When Skunk shows up in our lives you will have the opportunities to bring out new respect and self-esteem, by examining your self-image. People will notice you and it is up to you on how they are going to perceive you, just by your Being in that fearless, confident and peaceful state of mind.

Excerpts taken from various sources-

Primarily- “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews

Edited by- C.A. Morningstar