Catherine's work is deep and amazing.
She is a true Healer.
Always has been.


Thanks Catherine for taking Will and me to a new level.
We were floating all the way home!
Warmest Regards,

~JoAnna and Will

Another really noticeable thing is that my shoulders feel balanced side to side (rather than my right shoulder/arm making me feel out of balance right to left), and both sides of my neck and shoulders feel – dare I say this?  - RELAXED!??!!!  I assure you, that is completely atypical (and wonderful!!)! I feel as if I have received a real gift…. thank you.

~With Love, Marti

Very good session, definitely felt  "out of body" and that was  a nice reprieve. Hip pain was better.

~Smiles, Sharon

Thank You, Catherine. God bless you! I'm so glad He brought you into my life.

~Blessings, Deborah

I meant to tell you in some of our other back-and-forth… my sinuses… especially on the left side… are more open than I remember them being in years… and my sense of smell sharper.  And my mood has been steady and happy and solid…  No sense of sadness or repressed anything.


Thank you for your kind words. You are a LIGHT.

~Much love, Deborah L.