Healing Touch Donations

Healing Touch Sessions

$60.00 per HT session.
$150.00 for three consecutive sessions.
For students and frequent clients $40.00

My Healing abilities are received and given from the Source of Universal Love and the desire to do my part to facilitate Healing to individuals and in turn to our Beloved Earth Mother.

For my clients that simply cannot afford the extra financial burden, I ask that you donate what you can without causing added stress to your life. I receive the gifts of every Spirit that I have the Honor of working with regardless of their human or outer world resources. I trust that through receiving Healing Touch, you will in turn Heal and Serve others along their Journey, which is truly priceless!

Through Loving Service

Blessings All-Ways

Donation jars are available at the Sanctuary or
Please send your donations by check to:
Catherine A. Morningstar
P.O. Box 82
Floyd, VA 24091