Bear Medicine

The Great Bear represents the seven stars of Ursus Major (Big Dipper) and these stars link to the seven great Rays of Light (also represented by the colors of the Rainbow).

Bear is the symbol of Alchemy and the power of the “magician” who knows how to be a catalyst to spark reactions and then step back and allows the laws of nature to do the work of transformation.

Bear is the symbol of the primal natural world and mans response and the protection of it and how serious humanity is about preserving our environment and the natural resources of Earth.

Bear teaches us how to go within to find the resources necessary for survival and can teach us to draw upon all of our inner stores of energy and essence, even those which have never been tapped or accessed, through meditation and going within to our soul’s “den” to find the answers we are looking for.

If Bear has crossed your life, ask yourself some important key questions. Is your judgment turned off? Are you recognizing and honoring what is the highest and best in your life? Are you seeing the core Goodness deep within all situations? Are you being too critical of yourself or others? Are you expressing Gratitude everyday for the gifts received and the gifts yet to come?

Bear represents Divine Fertility and all things that grow. Bear teaches us to go within and awaken the potentials inherent in us. Bear often reflects a need to go deep within yourself, to have periods in your life when you can be more reclusive and gather your strength from within, so you may give birth to your ideas and gifts.

Bear also reminds us to be patient as it takes time to raise ideas into full fruition. Bear cubs need a full two years with mother before they are ready to experience life with independence. Often ideas take a full two years to completely manifest and grow.

Bears’ fondness for honey and finding it deep within trees and the ground reminds us to bring out the sweetness of our lives into the open, where it can be tasted and shared with all life.

Excerpts taken from various sources-

Primarily- “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews

Edited by- C.A. Morningstar