Bat Medicine

In Babylonia bats represented the souls of those who have crossed into Spirit. In China it symbolizes happiness and long life. Mayans, symbols of initiation and rebirth holding the promise of rebirth and coming out of the darkness.

Bat symbolizes breaking down the former self through intense tests. It is facing your greatest fears, that it is time to die to some aspect of your life that is no longer suitable for you.

If bat has flown into your life, it is time to face your fears and prepare for change. You are being challenged to let go of the old and create the new.

You may see some part of your life begin to go from bad to worse and that which worked before may no longer work. Detach from the old ways of life into the infinite possibilities of the future.

This means opening to the power within which will override all fears.

Bat becomes a symbol of promise amidst the sometimes chaotic energies of change. It reflects the ability to move to new heights with the transitions.

We will be able to fly as a result of the changes, and be able to see the world from an entirely new perspective.

Bat uses sonar and echo-location and can be linked metaphysically to the gift of clairaudience and awakens the ability to hear Spirit.

The Bat is powerful medicine. It indicates initiation and new beginnings that bring promise and power after the changes that come.

Excerpts taken from various sources-

Primarily- “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews

Edited by- C.A. Morningstar