The Benefits of Spiritual Awareness Counseling

Catherine uses her unique Empathic abilities to guide others on their Spiritual Journey of Healing and the Path back to their “True Self”, the part of us that is Eternal; where “All Is Well”…

Catherine works with everyone ranging from the beginning stages of discovering the Higher Spiritual Realms of reality, to those who have been travelling the Spiritual Path for eons and everyone in between.

Catherine also provides services for client’s spouses (male or female) and family members when requested, providing resolutions and better communication skills for couples or difficult family dynamics.

  • Perhaps you have had deeper Spiritual questions that you’ve been hesitant to ask, afraid of being ridiculed or misunderstood?
  • Felt as if you’ve not belonged or fit in because of your unique sensitivities and intuitions?
  • Tired of unhealthy, repetitive or challenging relationships?
  • Tired of Being someone that you’re not or no longer care to be?
  • Or perhaps just in need of a “tune up” or a “Guide Post” on your already amazing Spiritual Journey?

Spiritual Counseling Benefits:

  • Learn how you may be of Divine Service to the world with the full knowledge of who you Really are and discover why you are here
  • Discover a new sense of purpose and integration towards your Highest and Best outcomes in this life and beyond
  • Experience less stress and anxiety and gain a deeper connection with your Higher Self and others
  • Learn what messages your Spiritual Guides or loved ones from the Spirit realm, have to share with you
  • Identify your unconscious or unhealthy patterns through multidimensional and Spiritual understandings of what limits you from the power of Love’s alchemy and learn to live directly through your own Divine Spirit
  • Access your Akashic records (Book of Life) or past lives for what is your best course of action and purpose in this life
  • Learn to speak and live your own Divine Truth and Path
  • Learn daily practices that support your physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual well-being and growth
  • Deepen a loving relationship with yourself and your loved ones.

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