How to Identify Animal Totems

Many have asked.

How do I know what my Animal Totem is? And is there just one for me?

How I explain this is by inviting people to first learn the difference between the animals that are in your every day environment, versus animals that grab your undeniable attention in unusual ways.

Example- Typical animal encounters like cats, dogs, bunnies, squirrels and all various common birds and animals you may see on a daily basis are ‘generally’ not considered Animal Totems. However, all are Sacred!

The difference between mundane encounters and unusual encounters may be, say you are driving in your car and suddenly an animal crosses in front of your car. Or you are walking along and for whatever reason an animal grabs your attention. Or you may see the same type of animal over and over again in different localities within a short period of time (a few hours or days). These encounters can be from any animal or bird. The key is that it is considered an unusual or atypical occurrence.

However, there are always exceptions. Here at the Sanctuary there are many animals on a daily basis, coming and going. How I tell when an animal has a message for either myself or for a visitor, is when they make themselves known to me in an undeniable way. Perhaps an animal or bird may be chirping or standing out significantly from its typical day to day routine.

Although it is likely you will have many Animal Totems throughout your lifetime bringing you messages along your Journey, people tend to receive main Animal Totems as they are transitioning into new aspects of their lives.

The key- Pay attention to all that is around you in any given moment!

All life is constantly sending us subtle messages. The animals, the trees, the plants, the clouds, the wind, the rocks, the water, the planets and the stars.

All are alive, all are helping humanity awaken to the beauty and lessons of life, guiding us and reminding us that we are all One….    -C.A. Morningstar

Books: “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews