Spiritual Awareness Counseling

Please know that although I truly Love supporting others on their Spiritual Path, it is not for entertainment purposes only!!!  My work is ultimately about teaching others “how to fish” for themselves and how to learn to reach their own Higher Spiritual connection!

What I bring forth for each individual through Spiritual Awareness Advisement, Counseling or "Reading", is created through the Energy of Unconditional Love and The Divine Spirit/God.

It is most important to me, as I share my gifts with you as a Spiritual Awareness Advisor/Counsellor, that you as a seeker use your own inner discernment with what is brought forth or discovered in the course of our time spent together. You and only YOU know whether the information or awareness that is revealed resonates as True for you. If not please just set the information aside without judgement and ask that God or Spirit show you another way.

Although it is my personal knowing that we are all connected as ONE in the broader sense of the Divine Universal, we each come from very different, individual backgrounds and experiences (God in diversity). We have our own languages and words that can represent many different meanings as a speaker or a listener. And we all have different perspectives/beliefs about what is “real” and what is not.

It is my Heart felt desire that each and every one of the people who entrust me with being a “Guidepost” along their Spiritual Journey, understand that we walk together on this Path of Awakening and it is essential to keep an opened Heart and mind in order to reach the Higher Realms of reality. Through Peace, Truth, Honor and Respect, we move forever upwards into the knowing that we are all on this amazing Journey called Life, as ONE.

Healing Touch

When experiencing a physical, mental, emotional or Spiritual challenge or dis-ease, YOU ultimately must make the final decision on following a particular curative/Healing program that works for you.

We are all responsible for our own health and Healing of our lives!
Remembering that the most important aspect of True Healing is Self-Love.

We all need support at certain times in our lives when life’s challenges can overwhelm us and spiral us away from wellness. It is important to keep in mind during these times as you reach out for healing support that although I as a Healer can greatly effect and facilitate Healing to an individuals’ life, it is ultimately up to each individual to take charge, claim and accept their own Healing and embrace the lessons that are there to be learned, resolved and released.

When the outward appearance and causes of an illness, injury or dis-ease are relieved, there is then created the opportunity to follow a New Path in order for that physical manifestation to not be recreated in the body all over again. With this in mind it is essential for everyone to practice Self-Care and balance. This includes daily routines that bring you back into and keep you in alignment with your Divine Spirit and in turn your body and soul’s Healing. These include learning to speak, walk and live your individual Truths, daily meditation, nurturing foods, drinking adequate amounts of clean water, good hygiene, the right amount of rest for you, clothing that expresses who you are and how you feel, a home free from clutter and conflict, giving to yourself the experiences of Joy and nurturing pleasure, creating reachable personal goals and challenges, developing friends and social practices that support your healing goals and add positive experiences to your life.

It is important to understand that Healing can occur at any time, for anyone, up until his or her very last breath on this Earth. Even when someone crosses over through transition (“death”), it does not mean that they did not receive Healing. Their Healing may very well have been the ease with which they experienced their transition, the peace they received through acceptance and letting go without fear or a perhaps given the chance to smile and say "I Love you" one last time.

It is my Heart felt desire that each and every one of the people who entrust me in their lives as a “Healer”, enter our journey together with an opened Heart and mind. And when our journey is complete, continue on our own Divine Paths in Peace, Honor and Respect as we in re-membrance are all on this amazing Journey called Life, as One.

Blessings to you All-Ways
In Loving Service, I AM
Catherine A. Morningstar