Red Tail Hawk Medicine

This Powerful bird can awaken visionary power and lead you to your life purpose. It is the messenger bird, and wherever it shows up, pay attention!

There is a message coming.

The Red Tail is symbolic and has ties to the Kundalini energy, the seat of the primal life force. Those who have Red Tail Hawk as a totem will be working with the kundalini. It can also reflect that this bird becomes a totem in you life only after the Kundalini has been activated. It can also reflect that childhood visions are becoming empowered and fulfilled. It may pop up as totem at that point in your life where you begin to move toward your soul purpose more dynamically.

Red Tail teaches us how to fly to great heights while still keeping our feet on the ground. It indicates that there are likely to be attacks by people who won’t understand you or the varied and different uses of your creative energy. They may attack your ability to soar.

The Red Tailed Hawk is usually a permanent resident in an area. This permanency reflects that as a totem, this hawk will be with you permanently once it shows up in your life.

Red Tails typically live for 14 years in the wild. This number 14 is also representative of the Tarot card of Temperance. This is the card that represents the teaching of higher expressions of psychism and vision. It can be used in the development of astral projection and new flights out of the body. It is tied to the archetypal forces that teach beauty and harmony in moderation and holds the keys to higher levels of consciousness. Rising to a higher level can bring a rapid development of psychic energies. Red Tail helps us in balancing and using those senses appropriately and teaches the balance necessary to discover our true purpose in life leading you to use your creative energy in manifesting your soul purpose.

Hawk medicine teaches us to be observant and that Life is sending you signals. The Red Tail can spread its wings to great width and can teach you to extend the vision of your life.

The sky is the realm of the hawk. Through its flight it communicates with humans and with the Great Creator Spirit. It awakens our vision and inspires us to a creative Life Purpose.

Excerpts taken from various sources-

Primarily- “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews

Edited by- C.A. Morningstar