Catherine has been described as a modern day “Healer” and Spiritual “Alchemist”. She is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Spiritual Medium, Certified Six Sensory Life Coach, Certified Body-Talk Technician, teacher, researcher, amateur musician and a passionate student of the human experience and the study of the Earth as a Beloved living Being.

Catherine addresses all aspects of our human experience; the physical, emotional, mental, Soul and Spiritual Paths.

Catherine lives and shares her gifts and talents in rural SW Virginia where her Healing Studio is located. However, also offers long distance remote Healing sessions and has worked with individuals from around the world.

Catherine has received direct training from many wonderfully accomplished people, to name a few, Tracy Reid (Hay House CEO), Cheryl Richardson (Hay House author), Sonia Choquette (Hay House author), Robert Brown (Medium, author), Echo Bodine (Medium, author), Deborah Larrimore (Healing Touch instructor) and Charles J. Weiss (Metaphysician, author).

Catherine retired as a Licensed Direct Care Provider in 2019, serving individuals with severe intellectual and physical challenges for 22 years, and is now free to offer her Healing services to all who seek her wealth of experience, knowledge and guidance.

Catherine has also cared for a wide variety of injured and abandoned species of wild and domesticated animals for over 45 years and has provided Sanctuary for them on her small ranch “Blue Gate Sanctuary” since 1989.

Her Mediumship abilities were accelerated in 1987 through receiving recurring distressed “visits” from her deceased father, whom she soon came to understand was trapped in the “astral web”, unaware of his own passing. In an attempt to understand his trapped state of consciousness, Catherine was led to one of her greatest teachers and mentors; who assisted her with understanding and learning how to successfully free her father from his trapped state of consciousness, enabling her father to fully complete his transition into the next destination of his own Divine Universal Journey.

Catherine continues on an ever-expanding Spiritual Journey. In her work, she uses the core Knowing that we are all connected to the Universal Oneness that transcends all time and space and that only the choices of the NOW can affect our past, present or future events.

Catherine gives Honor, Blessings and Eternal Thanks to all the Great Spiritual Beings, Elementals, Masters of Love, friends, colleagues and teachers who have acted as Loving Guideposts for her through this amazing Journey called Life!

In Loving Service
Catherine A. Morningstar