Cycle of Power- Full Moon and twilight

Wolves do not fight unnecessarily; they will go out of their way to avoid fights. Although they have the ability and power to settle disagreements and determine dominance they rarely demonstrate this power… This teaches us how to know who you are and develop strength and confidence and surety in that you do not have to demonstrate or prove yourself to all.

Wolf teaches the lesson of proper governorship- a balance between authority and democracy. Wolf can teach how to use ritual to establish order and harmony within your own life and help us to understand that true freedom requires discipline.

Wolves consume all they capture… This is to indicate a need to make use of all that is available to us and to remind us not to waste as much, re-minding us to keep our Spirits Alive.

Wolf has excellent hearing and senses… This is a reminder to listen to inner thoughts and words.

Wolf has a capacity for making quick and firm emotional attachments….. Wolf can help you to hear the inner and guard you from inappropriate actions……. Wolf will guard you as it teaches you, sometimes strongly, sometimes gently, but always with Love.

When wolf shows up, it is time to breathe new life into your rituals, find a new path, take a new journey and take control of your life. You create your life and direct it, do so with harmony and discipline and then you will know the true Spirit of Freedom…

Excerpts taken from various sources-

Primarily- “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews

Edited by- C.A. Morningstar