Mouse Power Animal, Symbol of Scrutiny, Order

By Ina Woolcott

Mouse’s wisdom includes scrutiny, order, organization, examining life’s lessons, shyness, quietness, understanding details, seeing double meanings in things, invisibility, stealth, guidance in signing contracts, discovery, and the ability to be unseen.

The mouse is a wise animal, quietly getting on with his business and accomplishing his purpose without too much attention. From the mouse we can learn to pay attention to the little details which may get overlooked in our over-eagerness to see the big picture. We are reminded not to overlook the obvious. Also as a side note though it is good to pay attention to all detail, it is bad to over-analyze everything too. There needs to be a balance.

People with mouse in their lives can become too fixated on methodology and come across as nit-pickers, finding fault with insignificant details and being over concerned with trivia. This will make them approach the most mundane, simplest of tasks with difficulty. They can be over-dramatic and over-emotional.

In a mouse home, everything must be in order. Even if you live in the most smallest of abodes, you are still a vital part of the universe and earth itself. Mouse people are frequently fearful of life. Try to see the larger picture.

If Mouse has come into your life, ask yourself if you have neglected the trivial but necessary things in life? Have you become too fixed on one or more activities and are not paying attention to opportunities around you? Are you trying to do too many things all at once? Mouse can teach us how to focus and how to achieve the ‘big’ things by working on the little things.


Animal Totem Mouse Teaches Scrutiny

When Mouse comes to us as a totem we find a lesson in scrutiny. Native American Ancestors tell us that without Mouse we would have no system of knowledge. You see Mouse knew from the very beginning that there are always more things to learn, more ways to go deeper into a subject. Little brother mouse might say, “I will let my whiskers touch everything so that I will know about it”. Oddly that can be a great power and also a great weakness. For instance, it is good medicine to see things up close and to pay attention to detail. Chewing every little thing to pieces is bad medicine.

Tiny little brother mouse has many predators who cause him danger including birds, snakes, and cats. He has to have a highly developed sense of danger at every turn to prevent himself from becoming someone’s dinner.

We humans can really relate to Mouse in civilization today. Our modern world is comprised of highly complex sets of components that call for extremely good organizational skills along with scrutiny for the details. Mouse is a powerful medicine to have with us in today’s complex social settings. Mouse will find great importance in things that might seem insignificant to others.

Sometimes Mouse people are looked at as nit-pickers by people with other medicines. They may find people with a personal totem of Mouse as ones who will take the simplest of tasks and find much difficulty to reveal in it. Mouse people are fixated on methodology and will sort, categorize, and file away everything for later use. Others might think they are hoarders but that is far from the truth. They have tucked things away to explore it more carefully at a later time.

Mouse may come to you when you need to look at yourself and others with better scrutiny. Perhaps you need to examine that which is right before your eyes more carefully and take the appropriate action.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related